World Luxury Award – Porsche Design

“Porsche Design Global Grooves 4” winner of World Luxury Award 2012 in Gold!

Extremely honoured to be part of this excellent compilation!! 🙂

We are very proud to announce that “Global Grooves 4”, mixed and compiled by DJ Jondal, is the winner of the World Luxury Award 2012 in Gold in the category of design & accessories. Held in Monte Carlo – Monaco, the World Luxury Awards is focused on luxury brands to reward the creative excellence in advertising, design and multimedia.

“Global Grooves 4” is now the 5th Cd in a row mixed and compiled for Porsche Design. It was released in August 2012 as a Limited Edition (only 6000 CDs worldwide) with a laser coated metal plate on its cover especially for the 40th Anniversary of Porsche Design.

Agency: Kemper Kommunikation Frankfurt

By G&R